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About Lonny Welch

Lonny is a US Army Vietnam Era Veteran Linguist with multi-Lingual skills in Arabic, French and German. His civilian experience includes both Manufacturing Engineering and IT careers. He has travelled extensively throughout the world, living in Europe and the Mediterranean. ...

The Canyon

Leaving the ranger center, you enter a winding path that engulfs you in large ponderosa pines and lush green undergrowth. The forest quickly engrosses you with the aromas of the pines, the crackling of twigs and pine needles underfoot and … Continue reading

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“The Best of All Possible Worlds”

My apologies to Gottfried Liebniz and possbily to Voltaire as well. Yes, we do live in ‘the best of all possible worlds’. I say this because I believe that no matter how bad it seems at any given moment, it … Continue reading

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Do we really communicate with each other?

I don’t do Facebook. I have never had an account. I do not plan to open an account. I have lived all over the world and developed friends in each place. No, I do not keep in touch with all … Continue reading

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Hello World

The WordPress introductory blog title seems appropriate as I am a new blogger. I now join all of the other voices clamoring to be heard above the din of life. Whether my voice is relevant and can be heard remains to … Continue reading

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