Do we really communicate with each other?

I don’t do Facebook. I have never had an account. I do not plan to open an account. I have lived all over the world and developed friends in each place. No, I do not keep in touch with all of them today. Some yes. Particularly the ones I became very close to. But these friends were flesh and blood. They breath, speak, laugh and cry. Bits and bytes on a computer screen does not give you a personal relationship. If our lives have become too busy that we cannot share them with a simple phone call or a letter from time to time we become less human. I do not need to know about every single waking moment of my friends lives. I pick up the phone and call. I can hear them laugh if they are happy, cry if they are sad. We can catch up on the important things in our lives. And I do not have to deal with advertisements. I do not have to deal with some corporation having access to personal information. I do not worry about private conversations not really being private.

About Lonny Welch

Lonny is a US Army Vietnam Era Veteran Linguist with multi-Lingual skills in Arabic, French and German. His civilian experience includes both Manufacturing Engineering and IT careers. He has travelled extensively throughout the world, living in Europe and the Mediterranean. ...
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